saxon 1149EQ Reflector Telescope

Item#: 221101

Beginners will want to start their astronomy journey with the fuss-free saxon 1149EQ Reflector Telescope.

This starter telescope comes with a focal length of 900mm and an aperture of 114mm, meaning you'll get bright and detailed views of sky objects. Combined with the accompanying eyepieces, finderscope, erecting eyepice and equatorial mount, you'll be able to appreciate views of the Moon, planets and bright deep sky objects in no time. 

The saxon 1149EQ Reflector Telescope is easy to set up and lightweight enough to transport to and from your desired viewing site.


For beginners who have taken their first steps into the world of astronomy, the saxon 1149EQ Reflector Telescope makes a perfect companion on your journey.

This telescope has a large aperture of 114mm, making it a good introductory scope for lunar, planetary and bright nebulae viewing. You'll also be able to track celestial objects with the scope's slow motion controls and German Equatorial EQ1 mount.

The saxon 1149EQ Reflector Telescope features the following:

  • 114mm aperture
  • 900mm focal length (F/7.9)
  • 4.5" aluminised & overcoated mirror
  • 5x24 finderscope
  • German Equatorial EQ1 mount
  • Smooth rack and pinion focuser
  • Super eyepieces
  • 1.5x erecting lens for terrestrial use
  • Aluminium tripod with accessory tray.

You can upgrade the saxon 1149EQ Reflector Telescope by adding on a motor drive. Once aligned, the motor drive will auccrately track objects as they move across the sky.

Additional Information

Warranty Information 5-Years Limited Warranty
Optical Design Newtonian Reflector
Aperture 114mm
Lowest Practical Power No
Highest Practical Power 228x
Focal Length 900mm
Focal Ratio F/7.9
Eyepieces Super 25, Super 10 and SR4
Finderscope 5x24
Barlow Lens No
Diagonal No
Mount Type German Equatorial EQ-1
Tripod Aluminium
Optical Tube Dimensions 15 cm x 83cm
Optical Tube Weight 3.90kg
Shipping Dimensions 108 x 37 x 24cm3
Shipping Weight 11.6kg

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