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When is the whale watching season?

In winter, the Victorian waters are teeming with whales. From May to October, humpbacks, southern right whales and even orcas can be seen breaching, hunting and breeding in the coastal waters from Portland in Victoria’s southwest to the NSW border.

Humpbacks are dark blue in color with white ventral grooves and very long flippers. Their migration can take up to eight weeks, during which time the whales are swimming continuously.

Orcas, or killer whales are easily recognized by their striking black and white markings and extremely long, tapered dorsal fins. They patrol the Victorian coast for food year-round, but they often follow humpbacks in order to hunt their calves.

Southern right whales have a smooth black back, no dorsal fin, and small rough patches of skin on their heads.

Where can I see whales in Australia?

Australia is fortunate to have a number of great whale watching sites. There are numerous whale watching operations around Australia that offer excellent opportunities to see animals in the wild. There are also many land-based sites where whales and dolphins come within metres of the coastline. Land-based whale and dolphin watching is an inexpensive way of seeing these magnificent animals in their natural environments.


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How to watch whales?

The best way is by choosing a right size waterproof binocular that can help you to watch whales clearly while on a boat. Below are a few binoculars which are perfect for using on the boat to watch whales:

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