About Saxon

With one of the widest ranges of optical products available, saxon is your natural choice for binoculars and telescopes.

We recognise that everyone has different needs and priorities when it comes to their passion. That's why we have built up and continue to develop our range of saxon products, so you can use them no matter the place or purpose.

saxon began distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand in 1990. Fast forward 25 years later, our product range has grown exponentially -- binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, spotting scopes, tripods, riflescopes, night vision, laser rangefinders, opera glasses, magnifiers, weather stations and accessories. Before we knew it, we soon earned our tagline of carrying the widest range of optical products in Australia.

As a young business, we know the importance of our customers, you. This is why we wanted to get things done correctly right from the start.

saxon has from day one, been committed to quality and diversity, and we make sure that we are producing quality optics which you can be proud owners of. Our sales team works closely with our retailers and distributors to deliver you the products you want; and our manufacturers continually carry out research to improve the standard of our products. All saxon products are rigorously tested throughout the manufacturing process and designed to fit the purpose you wish to use them for.

We're so sure of the quality of our telescopes that we're one of the rare few offering a five-year limited warranty on this range. We also offer great support both before and after your saxon product purchase, with a 72-Hour Connection promise to help address any concerns you may have in relation to your saxon product. 

We're really proud of our brand and we show it. Recognised as an established Australian brand for optics, we believe our country has much to offer. From clear night skies to amazing natural landscapes and a great variety of wildlife to observe, whichever experience you partake, saxon has the right product to share it with you. 

With a commitment to innovation, quality and reliability, we know that your saxon product will stay with you through the good and the rough; providing satisfaction for years to come.