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  • saxon 8x21 Compact Binoculars - SKU#120000

    saxon 8x21 Compact Binoculars

    Compact and lightweight, the saxon 8x21 Compact Binoculars are the perfect combination of functionality and portability.

    This rubber-armoured pair of binoculars comes with 8x magnification, central-focus and multi-coated lens.

    Easy to use and convenient to bring along on your travels, these binoculars are suitable for observers of all ages.

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  • saxon 10x25 Compact Binoculars - SKU#120001

    saxon 10x25 Compact Binoculars

    If you want a pair of versatile binoculars at an affordable price tag, you'll appreciate the saxon 10x25 Compact Binoculars.

    This durable pair of rubber-armoured binoculars comes with a magnification of 10x and multi-coated optics to provide bright, clear images.

    Lightweight and compact, these binoculars are great to use both indoors and outdoors.

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  • saxon 8x21 DCF Compact Binoculars - SKU#120006

    saxon 8x21 DCF Compact Binoculars

    The foldable and lightweight saxon 8x21 DCF Compact Binoculars make viewing a breeze.

    This pair of roof prism binoculars comes with 8x magnification, central focus and ruby-coated lens which helps reduce glare from the sun.

    These binoculars are suitable for general observation.

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  • saxon 10x25 DCF Compact Binoculars - SKU#120007

    saxon 10x25 DCF Compact Binoculars

    View images more comfortably with the saxon 10x25 DCF Compact Binoculars.

    The ruby-coated lenses help reduce glare and filter out reds, while the central focus knob takes the guesswork out of creating crisp, clear images.

    With a rubber enforced design, these binoculars are perfect for all your outdoor activities and adventures.

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  • saxon 8x21 Grandview Binoculars (8x21UCF) - SKU#120015

    saxon 8x21 Grandview Binoculars (8x21UCF)

    Stylish, compact and lightweight - it's got to be the saxon 8x21 Grandview Binoculars.

    These easy to grip binoculars come in 8x magnification, with ruby-coated lens and are finished with a silver coating and rubber-cased trim.

    These versatile binoculars are good to use for general observation or at sporting and indoor events.

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  • saxon 10x25 Grandview Binoculars (10x25UCF) - SKU#120016

    saxon 10x25 Grandview Binoculars (10x25UCF)

    The saxon 10x25 Grandview Binoculars make a great addition to your knapsack when you go on nature walks.

    An included case helps protect your binoculars while the neck strap keeps them close at hand, making sure you never miss nature in action.

    Finished in a classic champagne coating, these binoculars make a handsome gift.

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  • saxon 12x32 Grandview Binoculars (12x32UCF) - SKU#120017

    saxon 12x32 Grandview Binoculars (12x32UCF)

    The saxon 12x32 Grandview Binoculars are the perfect companion for the person who loves the outdoors.

    They feature central focusing, rubber grips and ruby coated lens which help reduce glare in bright light. The champagne finish and smooth black trim make them perfect for both men and women. 

    These high quality binoculars are perfect for travelling, bird watching and many other outdoor activities. Consider these binoculars when you are shopping for the nature lover in your life. 

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  • saxon 16x32 Grandview Binoculars (16x32UCF) - SKU#120018

    saxon 16x32 Grandview Binoculars (16x32UCF)

    Enjoy watching sporting events from far away, even on bright and sunny days using the saxon 16x32 Grandview Binoculars.

    These binoculars feature ruby-coated lenses to reduce glare, while the compact design makes them easy to transport without taking up valuable space in your bag.

    They’re available in a champagne finish with sleek black trim, making them a beautiful gift for anyone.

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  • saxon 8x25 Traveller Binoculars - SKU#140008

    saxon 8x25 Traveller Binoculars

    The saxon 8x25 Traveller Binoculars is the travel companion you’ve been searching for.

    Created with the traveller in mind, these 8x magnification and 25mm objective lens binoculars will be your faithful companion through the tallest of mountains and buildings.

    A must-have for anyone who is seeking to see the world and enjoy every moment of their adventure. 

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  • saxon 10x25 Traveller Binoculars - SKU#140009

    saxon 10x25 Traveller Binoculars

    Travellers and general observers alike will appreciate the ergonomic and durable saxon 10x25 Traveller Binoculars.

    Perfect to use indoors and outdoors, this compact, porro prism pair of binoculars comes with fully multi-coated optics and smooth central-focusing.

    These binoculars are housed in a sturdy, non-slip rubber grip which means it will survive the bumps and knocks from being in your bag or during everyday use. 

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  • saxon 8x26 Expedition Binoculars - SKU#130020

    saxon 8x26 Expedition Binoculars

    The saxon 8x26 Expedition Binoculars is the perfect binoculars for the adventurous soul.

    This compact, waterproof, 8x magnification binoculars features quality optics, long eye-relief and twist-up eyecups.

    Get ready for an enriching viewing experience on your travels with these easy-to-use binoculars.

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  • saxon 10x26 Expedition Binoculars - SKU#130021

    saxon 10x26 Expedition Binoculars

    The saxon 10x26 Expedition Binoculars are high-quality binoculars that offer crisp clear views without breaking the bank.

    At 10x magnification and 26mm objective lens, these binoculars are the perfect size to take with you on your next travelling adventure or nature hike.

    Ideal for bird watching and nature activities, these binoculars makes a great portable companion for travellers. Bring these binoculars on your next big adventure to see even more amazing moments.

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