saxon 33mm Red Dot Finder with Bracket

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The saxon 33mm Red Dot Finder with Bracket will help you hone in on celestial objects!

Its illuminated red dot is bright enough to use in daytime, giving great usabiloity in light polluted areas, all while giving you a wide field of view and an upright, non-mirrored image of the sky.

Find what you're looking for with the saxon 33mm Red Dot Finder with Bracket!


The saxon 33mm Red Dot Finder with Bracket is a no magnification finder that, when properly aligned with your telescope, will pinpoint what you are looking at with an illuminated red dot. Unlike finderscopes red dot finders will keep the image of the sky upright and non-revered, making the saxon 33mm Red Dot Finder with Bracket easy to use for amateurs and experts alike.



Comes with an attachable base.

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