saxon AstroSeeker 90MAK Cassegrain Telescope [WiFi Enabled with Hand Controller]

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Save some space in your home for the saxon AstroSeeker 90/1250 MAK Cassegrain Telescope

This short-tube Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope comes with an aperture of 90mm and a focal length of 1250mm. You'll be amazed by the bright, magnified views of the Moon's rocky surface, planets, star clusters, double stars and nebulae through this scope. Enjoy a stable viewing experience with the scope's sturdy Star Discovery mount with full computerized, auto tracking and adjustable steel tripod, which allows for easy adjustments when viewing your intended sky object.

The portable saxon AstroSeeker 90MAK Cassegrain Telescope weighs just under 10 kg, making it a great addition to your stargazing journey.

If you're after a telescope for intermediate astronomers, the saxon AstroSeeker 90/1250 MAK Cassegrain Telescope will not disappoint.

With an aperture of 90mm and a focal length of 1250mm, this telescope packs a powerful punch. The high-resolution, diffraction-limited optical systems are multi-coated to maximise contrast and image sharpness, making it the perfect scope to study deep sky objects. You'll also appreciate the included accessory pack, sturdy Star Discovery mount with full computerized controls and tracking.

You may also want to use the saxon AstroSeeker 90MAK Cassegrain Telescope for terrestrial viewing purposes. When used with a star diagonal, images seen through the scope is rightway up. Observe the perched birds or get a quick peek at the boats out at sea. Whether your requirement is for terrestrial or astronomical use, these Maksutov-Cassegrain scopes are the perfect companion.

The saxon AZGT Pro 90MAK Cassegrain Telescope features the following:

  • 90mm aperture
  • Focal length of 1250mm (F/13.8)
  • 90 degree star diagonal
  • 5x24 finderscope
  • Aspheric 62° 23mm & 10mm eyepieces
  • Star Discovery AZGT Pro
  • Steel tripod with accessory tray.

 Perfect for the serious observer.

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More Information
Custom Stock Status Backorder
Warranty Information 5-Years Limited Warranty
Optical Design Maksutov-Cassegrain
Aperture 90mm
Highest Practical Power 180x
Focal Length 1250mm
Focal Ratio F/13.8
Eyepieces Aspheric 62° 23mm & 10mm
Finderscope 5x24
Barlow Lens No
Diagonal 1.25" 90° Star Diagonal
Mount Type Star Discovery AZ GT
Tripod Steel
Shipping Dimensions 25 x 44 x 85cm3
Shipping Weight 10kg

Aspheric 62° 23mm & 10mm eyepieces

The 62° apparent field of view gives wide views, allowing you to see the entire object clearly. They offer excellent light transmission, colour correction and eye relief.


saxon 5x24 Finderscope with bracket

The 24mm aperture with 5x magnification can provide a wide field of view to help you locate objects and align your telescope before you look through the telescope. It’s perfect for beginner telescopes.


saxon 1.25’’ star diagonal (90 degree)

It provides a perpendicular viewing angle on your refractor or maksutov for a comfortable position when looking at objects overhead.


saxon Synscan Hand Controller

If your SynScan Go-To hand control is damaged, irreparable or you simply need a spare we have control paddles available. Will also work quite well with tracking Dob range if programmed with AZ firmware.


saxon Astroseeker Mount with Steel Tripod

The Astroseeker mount is not only designed to drive a telescope, but is also a multi-role platform for cameras and video recorders. Perfect for lightweight astrophotography, time lapse photography, wide view and panorama photography, video panning and so many more activities.


Star/ Moon Chart

The star chart shows the solar system of which earth is a member planet and the moon chart clearly shows the topography of the lunar surface.

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