saxon ScienceSmart Stereo Microscope 20x

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The perfect stereo microscope for the aspiring scientist and hobbyist alike.

Suitable for users of all levels, the saxon ScienceSmart Stereo Microscope 20x features:

  • 20x magnification
  • Black/white contrast plate to increase contrast during observations
  • 45° incline microscope head 

Perfect for kids and those looking for a no-frills microscope that delivers every time.

The saxon ScienceSmart Stereo Microscope 20x offers a 20x magnification, perfect for viewing insects, small plants, fabrics, circuit boards, etc.

By utilising ambient lighting as illumination, this microscope is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is simple to operate.

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Custom Stock Status In Stock
Warranty Information 3-Years Limited Warranty
Eyepiece WF 10x
Magnification Range 20x
Objectives 2x
Illumination N/A
Head Type Monocular
Focus Coarse
Condenser N/A
Stage Type Black/White Contrast Plate
Stand Pillar
Power Supply N/A
Weight 850g
Shipping Dimensions 40 x 15 x 26cm3
Shipping Weight 1.5kg
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saxon WF 10x Eyepiece

This is a brand new widefield WF10X microscope eyepiece. It fits most common size microscopes. Give your microscope a boost with greater power & clarity at a fraction of the cost.


Black/White Contrast Plate

It is a black and white plastic stage plate for additional contrast while viewing specimens.


saxon Dust Cover

Clear, vinyl dust covers for the protection of your microscopes.

Images below were taken with saxon ScienceSmart Stereo Microscope 20x coupled with saxon ScopePix Smartphone Adapter.

Granite Scorpion Tail Centipede Legs Scorpion Head
Granite @20x
by - < saxon team >
Scorpion Tail @20x
by - < saxon team >
Centipede Legs @20x
by - < saxon team >
Scorpion Head @20x
by - < saxon team >

Crab Legs Crab Eye Centipede Legs Centipede Head
Crab Legs @20x
by - < saxon team >
Crab Eye @20x
by - < saxon team >
Centipede Legs @20x
by - < saxon team >
Centipede Head @20x
by - < saxon team >
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