Synscan Tour Computerised Hand Control

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The Synscan Tour Computerised Hand Control has the following features:

  • Celestial object orientation - The SynScan Tour will guide you to find the star or celestial object, if you provide it with the star or celestial object's name or number! It only takes ten seconds!
  • Starry Sky Guide - The menu is dynamically displayed, consisting of the visible, well-known, fascinating list of celestial objects in the current sky for you to explore them one by one
  • Astronomical information in Multimedia - SynScan Tour has built-in basic data for 58,000+ celestial objects, text information, audio commentary, and exquisite photographs of the deep space celestial objects. You can enjoy the mysterious night sky, while checking up on the information on the various celestial objects
  • Telescope Control - SynScan Tour is a telescope that has a variety of Alt-azimuth or equatorial direct controls, to achieve high-precision auto-star finding feature. Watching the deep-space celestial objects no longer means hard and laborious searching. Within a few hours of a night’s observation time, dozens of deep sky celestial objects can be traversed
  • Infrared Sensor - The machine comes with an infrared sensor. When you leave, you can use the machine’s stand-by functions, set reminders for people who use the SynScan Tour after, leave a message or layout tasks, etc
  • Bagua and Feng Shui - According to the theory of China's theories of Bagua, the machine is designed with the Bagua feng shui feature. Through your birthday, the five elements Bagua and your good or bad fortune numerology and location can be calculated to point out how you can stay out of trouble
  • Serial port, Mini USB port and Headphone jack - SynScan Tour has a serial port to connect to telescopes and GPS modules, a mini USB port used to connect to computers and a headphone jack used to connect to headphones
  • Other features - SynScan Tour can also provide you with location data, and other recreational functions including playing audio and video files and recording audio.
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