saxon GSM Gemological Microscope 10x-40x

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The saxon GSM Gemological Microscope 10x-40x is an advanced tool for gemstone identification and jewelry inspection.

It features a 10x-40x zoom magnification range and both top and bottom illuminations for bright and even lighting. The microscope also includes a gem tweezer for precision handling and examination of gemstones.

Its durable and stable construction with light field and dark field options make it a versatile and reliable tool for both field and lab use.

Perfect for professionals, hobbyists, and students, this microscope provides an exceptional gemstone examination experience with enhanced clarity and detail.


Introducing the saxon GSM Gemological Microscope 10x-40x - an advanced tool for gemstone identification and jewelry inspection. This microscope is designed to provide you with clear and detailed views of your samples, thanks to its 10x-40x zoom magnification capabilities. Whether you're a professional gemologist, jeweler, or hobbyist, this microscope is the perfect choice for all your gemstone examination needs.

This microscope also includes a gem tweezer, making it easy for you to handle and examine your gemstones with precision. In addition, it comes equipped with both top and bottom illuminations that provide you with bright and even lighting, allowing you to observe your samples under various lighting conditions.

The saxon GSM Gemological Microscope 10x-40x is designed for durability and longevity, with high-quality materials that ensure stability and precision. Its stage features both light field and dark field, enabling you to observe your samples under various conditions and enhance the contrast and visibility of your samples.

Whether you're using it in the field or in the lab, this microscope is highly portable and easy to transport, thanks to its compact size. With its advanced features and precise design, the saxon GSM Gemological Microscope 10x-40x is the ideal tool for anyone looking for an exceptional gemstone examination experience.

Easy to use and powered by the supplied AC adapter, this is an ideal microscope for hobbyist and gemologist. 

Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of enhanced clarity and detail in your gemstone and jewelry observations.


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Warranty Information 3-Years Limited Warranty
Eyepiece WF 10x
Magnification Range 10x - 40x
Objectives 1x - 4x
Field of View 5.5mm - 23mm
Working Distance 85mm
Illumination LED
Head Type Trinocular
Focus Coarse
Condenser Darkfield and Light field
Stage Type Black/White Contrast Plate, Frosted Glass
Stand Pillar
Power Supply 4.2v 1500mA AC Power
Weight ± 4.25kg
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saxon WF10x Eyepiece

This is a brand new widefield WF10X microscope eyepiece. It fits most common size microscopes. Give your microscope a boost with greater power & clarity at a fraction of the cost.


Saxon Rubber Eyecups

Flexible rubber eyecups can reduce ambient light and glare reflections, thus protecting your dark adaptation, while providing the viewer with comfort for maximum visual effectiveness. Eyecups assure proper eye-to-lens positioning and also protect the optical surface from grime and oil.


saxon Glass Stage Plate

It is a glass stage plate which can allow light to pass while viewing specimens.


saxon Dark Field

It uses light from the lamp source under the microscope stage to illuminate the specimen.


Saxon microscope spacer

It can help the camera adjust the focus so that the image is captured more clearly.


Black/White Contrast Plate

It is a black and white plastic stage plate for additional contrast while viewing specimens.


saxon Adapter

The adapter can support AC powered of this microscope.


saxon Dust Cover

Clear, vinyl dust covers for the protection of your microscopes.

Images below were taken with saxon GSM Gemological Microscope 10x-40x coupled with saxon ScopePix Smartphone Adapter.

Gesso Granite Grey Rock Gritstone
Gesso @10x
by - < saxon team >
Granite @10x
by - < saxon team >
Grey Rock @10x
by - < saxon team >
Gritstone @10x
by - < saxon team >

 Marble Pencil Stone Plant Fossil Quartz
Marble @10x
by - < saxon team >
Pencil Stone @10x
by - < saxon team >
Plant Fossil @10x
by - < saxon team >
Quartz @10x
by - < saxon team >
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