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  2. International Observe the Moon Night Cancelled

    Update for International Observe the Moon Night (05/10/2019):

    The International Observe the Moon Night event has been cancelled due to the cloud cover.

    Sorry we couldn't go ahead with the event tonight :(

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  3. International Observe the Moon Night 2019

    There’s a saying ‘Familiarity breeds contempt,’ and sadly that can be true for how most of us consider the Moon. It’s always there, it doesn’t change (much?), it’s not exactly flashy, and, if we’re honest, it can be kind of boring.

    Let’s all try to change that as we celebrate International Observe the Moon Night on 5th Oct at Princes Bridge. In addition to admiring the Moon, come talk to us about astronomy, telescopes, and have a good time.


    What: International Observe the Moon Night 2019
    Where: Princes Bridge, St Kilda
    When: 5th Oct 2019, 7.30-10.30pm

    If you want to show the Moon some more love, why not try the Lunar 100 Challenge? See

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  4. Happy National Science Week!

    Calling all curious minds!

    There really is no such thing as starting too soon in science. Ask someone working in a STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) and it is likely that their interest in was kindled because of a chance encounter in their early years, whether it was a telescope that showed them Saturn’s rings, a bird spotting experience, a stray thought that struck them as they wandered through nature, asking questions that no one could quite answer, and the list goes on.

    We love curious minds, and we love to feed curious minds. Check out some of our products which are suited for beginners below, they really could make all the difference.

    Microscopes - All about science!

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  5. Apollo 11 Public Viewing Around Australia

    Has it really been 50 years since Neil Armstrong said, 'One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind'? And what leaps and bounds have come since!

    Join us as we remember and celebrate a piece of history, an achievement of science, and the spirit of discovery and adventure. See below for a public event near you:


    Celebration Apollo 11 50th Anniversary with saxon
    13th July 2019 (Saturday)
    7.00pm - 10.00pm @ JJ Holland Park, Childers Street, Kensington, VIC 3031
    Tel: (03) 9687 7750
    Moon Phase - Waxing Gibbous (illumination 89%)
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  6. AGHA - Sydney February 2019

    If you're looking to stock up on some amazing gifts, make sure you swing by our stand at the Australian Gift and Homewares Association in February!

    With hundreds of products to choose from, including telescopes, binoculars and microscopes -- Saxon is your one stop shop for all things optics.

    Date: 23 - 26 February 2019
    Time: 9am - 6pm (except for 26 February 2019 where the fair closes at 3pm)
    Location: Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park (1 Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127)
    Stand: 3Y15

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  7. Christmas Holidays Notice

    The saxon office will be closed during the Christmas and New Year holidays from Friday, 21 December 2018. We will reopen for normal trading on Monday, 7 January 2019.

    Dealers please note that we will continue to accept online and voicemail orders during this period. Orders will be processed and we will endeavour to dispatch on the following dates:

    • 27 December 2018
    • 3 January 2019

    We thank you for your support throughout 2018 and look forward to us both enjoying a wonderful 2019.

    We wish you a happy and safe festive season from all of us at saxon.

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  8. International Observe the Moon Night 2018

    Thanks for the helps from ASV and we have a successful viewing night at the Princes Bridge, Melbourne - One of the city's best-known landmarks.

    There were 8 telescopes used for this international viewing event .We had attracted more than 1000 people to join us and they were given astronomical knowledge  as well as the method of  using telescope to observe the moon. We also encouraged astronomy enthusiasts to share their experiences at this event and everyone enjoyed the night together.

    Below are a few photos that we have taken for this event:               

    International Observe the Moon Night 2018 (4)

    International Observe the Moon Night 2018 

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  9. Mars Opposition 2018

    Resized Image for magento article


    2018 truly has been a wonderful year for astronomy, specifically planetary astronomy! And our nearest neighbour, the Red planet Mars, takes centre stage this July. Keep an eye out for it in the night sky as it approaches opposition, it is expected to overtake Jupiter in brightness and will be one of the brightest objects in the night sky.


     smaller table


    Mars will reach opposition on 27th of July when it will appear larger and brighter, perfect for studying the polar ice caps or the surface detail of the planet (known as albedo markings) caused by the movement of surface dust on Mars. If all that sounds a bit too technical, you could always just enjoy a close encounter with Mars

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  10. Microscope Workshop March 2018

    Ever wondered what tiny cells and micro-organisms are floating around us even when our eyes cannot see it?

    Have you ever wanted to see greater detail of everyday objectsto give you a new MINDBLOWING perspective of the world?

    This FREE microscope workshop will be a fun-filled day, perfect for families who want to try something new or try something they have always been curious about. It's a much-needed rest from all the digital noise! Cool experiments include making your own wet and dry slides for a unforgettable momento that you can study YOURSELF under a a professional microscope.

    Event Details

    Date and Time: March 17th 2018, 10am - 3pm 

    Venue: OpticsCentral HQ, Mitcham

    Cost: Absolutely FREE! 

    Available Sessions: 5 Session Times Available 

    Session 1: 10am - 10:50am

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