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  1. Orionids Meteor Shower 2014

    If, like me, you've always wanted to watch a meteor shower - then you're in for a treat!

    The Orionids Meteor Shower will be visible in Australia between 21-22 October 2014. For those that plan to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to experience this, we have a few observing tips for you:

    • Avoid city lights where possible - if you're in the city area, head to a park or somewhere with wide open space without buildings obstructing your view. 
    • Bring a friend or two or three or ...
    • Rug up! Wear thick clothing or bring a blanket with you. Trust us, it's going to be cold at 3am in the morning, regardless of which city you're in.
    • Pack a hot drink in your thermos or flask.
    • Bring a chair, stool or a rug to sit on while you're waiting for the meteor shower.
    • Let your
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  2. saxon Blood Moon event

    saxon had its inaugural event to view the Blood Moon on 8th October 2014.

    The Moon was very shy that night, peeking out of the clouds intermittently throughout the event. Those who persevered were lucky enough to catch the Moon blush during the very brief moment the clouds parted.

    Despite this, the energy from the crowd was amazing. Lots of questions were asked and answered, and we hope you enjoyed the informative talk by Graham. We could also see everyone trying out the different scopes and binoculars, with the most common reaction realising that telescopes were actually quite affordable.

    We've uploaded a few photos of the event below. You can view the full album at our Facebook page.

    We're also running a Facebook competition, so jump on it right now!

      IMG_6007 e
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