Father’s Day is a day where Dad gets to have a little R&R, take full control over the TV remote and have a great meal with the family.

We all love our Dads, so why not get him a little special something to commemorate the day?

Here are some gift ideas for Dads who enjoy the outdoors --


 Dobsonian Telescope 

 Wide Angle Binoculars 

 Night Vision Monocular 

 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope 

 dob a_1  l10x50 a  saxon_wh28_night_vision a    90125eq a_1  

 >> Great all-rounder telescope

 >> Easy to setup

 >> Easy to use

 >> Great for birdwatching and/or astronomy

 >> Long eye-relief

 >> Sturdy and portable

>> See in the dark clearly!

 >> Good for hunting and surveillance purposes

 >> Compact and tough


 >> The scope for urban dads

 >> Compact and versatile

 >> Easy to transport

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