Ever wondered what tiny cells and micro-organisms are floating around us even when our eyes cannot see it?

Have you ever wanted to see greater detail of everyday objectsto give you a new MINDBLOWING perspective of the world?

This FREE microscope workshop will be a fun-filled day, perfect for families who want to try something new or try something they have always been curious about. It's a much-needed rest from all the digital noise! Cool experiments include making your own wet and dry slides for a unforgettable momento that you can study YOURSELF under a a professional microscope.

Event Details

Date and Time: March 17th 2018, 10am - 3pm 

Venue: OpticsCentral HQ, Mitcham

Cost: Absolutely FREE! 

Available Sessions: 5 Session Times Available 

Session 1: 10am - 10:50am
Session 2: 11am - 11:50am
Session 3: 12pm - 12:50pm
Session 4: 1pm - 1:50pm
Session 5: 2pm - 2:50pm

To ensure that the event will run smoothly, we can only accept a maximum of 20 participants per session. So book EARLY to secure your spot!


Three Fun Stations* 

Station 1: Create Your Own Wet Mount Slides

Station 2: Create Your Own Dry Mount Slides

Station 3: Study Your Slides Under a Microscope



microscope workshop1

              microscope workshpo4 microscope workshop2

      microscope workshop5 microscope workshop3